Within This Section Of The Report, I Present The Results

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Within this section of the report, I present the results of my findings from my research for new devices and cell plans for our company. The writer’s findings in this section, is the most relevant, and important, accurate details leading to my recommendation. Task 1: Determine which device was best for our company and our budget. Once I was informed that I would be conducting this project for our company, I was real excited. I first found out what our budget was; $35,000 for technology fees and new devices, along with $5,000 for set up and any first month cost fees, I knew I would be able to be successful on staying underbudget and still meet all of our needs. Once I knew what our budget was, I started looking for devices. I had two…show more content…
I then tried Verizon Wireless, that was just a mess. I was not impressed and their services in our area is not very strong. From there I went to T-Mobile, I’ve heard a lot of good things about T-Mobile, so I researched them. They were very easy company to deal with online to set things up, phone and billing wise. Also, their customer service over the phone was amazing, very helpful. They were able to set up a fake business account to help me figure out right way what everything would cost, and the prices of the phones once added to the billing plan. There corporate pricing for the devices were exactly the same as U.S. Cellular $199.99 for each Phone no matter what phone we picked. They were able to have unlimited phones added to one plan. Which to me was a big selling point to me! Along with unlimited phones, there was no connection fees to connect our phones. No connection fees, really help us with our first month budget, which is super nice. I then talked with the agent over what would be the best phone for our situation as a company, and after asking about hundred questions, I came to the conclusion of the IPhone 7. I highly recommend this device, because of the picture quality, the battery life, along with the storage space on the phone and the great reviews, I also feel this best matches our business needs and it fits right in with our budget which is a big bonus.
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