Without A Doubt I Knew I Wanted To Observe Interaction

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Without a doubt I knew I wanted to observe interaction of ones at nursing homes. Fed up and disinterested with work my mom and paid a visit to my grandmother. My grandmother takes up residence at the Memphis Jewish Home. We parked but didn’t get out soon after. Mother needed to finish her conversation with my sister-in-law. Patiently waiting I see a white Altima pull in a parking space crookedly. Without consideration for others she didn’t rectify the situation. Immediately the door opens the lady puts a foot out. She’s wearing a dirty sneaker. The woman reaches over to the passenger side. I guess she’s getting something out. I was correct. In her hand is a plastic grocery bag with sub sandwiches. Walking hastily across the parking lot,…show more content…
The nurse Mindy sees mom, and goes “Hi Pam.” The two of them embrace. I know it will be a while before she comes. She 's getting a detailed update. I take it upon myself to go sit on the bench a little way down with a fantastic view of the nurse’s station. The station has three women behind there at the moment. I guess there are doing some work, but you can never be too sure.
My attention is drawn to the three elderly ladies sitting in front of the nurse’s station. All are in wheelchairs. The first lady has on a dark pink shirt, blue jeans, and black slippers. She’s sleeping. Whenever someone walks by she’ll wake up and smile. After she’ll drop her head again and doze off. The second lady is slender. She looks frail. She has on a hideous red and brown top, khaki pants, white socks and black slip on Velcro shoes. She’s sleeping also. Although, she did wake up to adjust the strap on her shoe. The last lady is wearing a blue top. I can 't see what type of pants she has on, unfortunately a towel covers her legs. She’s sleeping also. I discern that most residents wear long sleeve shirts and pants. It is pretty nippy in here. Glancing back at the nurse 's station, two of them have disappeared. A gentleman is standing there. Speculating, I assume he holds a high position by his attire. He 's wearing a navy blue Blazer, blue and white checkered shirt and khaki pants. It pairs nicely with his navy blue bow tie. He’s talking in depth to a lady that has her hands on
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