Without Delving Too Far Into Marvel Comics Lore, Spencer

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Without delving too far into Marvel comics lore, Spencer had written in an artifact known as a Cosmic Cube. These Cosmic Cubes essentially act as wishing machine. Red Skull is one of Captain America’s greatest enemies. He is the leader of Hydra which is a cult like organization that seeks to take over the world. In the past they had had ties with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, but they eventually decided that killing innocents Jews was shortsighted and eventually terminated their arrangement. Red Skull took the Cosmic Cube and wished for Captain America to be a Hydra agent. While Captain America is indeed part of a cult like organization that previously had ties to Nazis, it is not his choice. Captain America is not a Nazi sympathizer all the…show more content…
United and Marvel are multi billion dollar companies and are hard to understand or feel pity for. That is understandable. No matter how upset far left liberals get, it will take a miracle to topple these giants. What people can relate to and still understand is the plight of Sean Spicer’s idiocy. In a White House press conference; Sean Spicer was asked about Syrian chemical weapons. Part of his response was “Hitler never stooped to the level of using chemical weapons.” Of course he did. Everyone knows that Adolf Hitler very famously gassed the Jewish population in one of the biggest genocides in world history. This was a massive blunder. Even when given a chance to correct himself, Sean Spicer just bumbled about and said a string of words that barely made a cohesive sentence. As President Trump’s appointed Press Secretary, Spicer has a job to make statements for the President directly to the press. Once the video of this hit the internet, liberals took it and ran. The liberal outrage machine accused Spicer of trying to erase the holocaust. By denying the use of chemical weapons, the Trump supporters were somehow standing in solidarity with nazis across time and across the world. Of course erasure of history is a big deal and if Spicer was actively trying to have the press forget the holocaust, then the backlash would be deserved. Instead Spicer is just a simple fool. He most likely misspoke and was caught up in trying to spin a

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