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A World Without Oil
The President of the United States has recently announced that by the start of the year 2012, the nations of the world will no longer be able to acquire oil. Once a world dependent on petroleum, we will now have to thrive as a species without it. The world we know today will never exist the same way again after we run out of the earth's oil. We rely on oil for nearly everything- transportation (which remember, all our goods are delivered around the world by), heat, energy plants, etc. So what does this mean for the world?
Our entire society is currently dependent upon oil. Large plants that produce our typical house hold foods use oil for their production. Even worse than that, our agricultural business heavily
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The electricity that the cars absorb comes from a power plant- the power plant relies on oil. While it may be saving oil, it is still using it up, and this will no longer be an option for us in the near future. While electricity can be chemically stored, that will only get us so far. We could use algae based fuels- they have been tested by the US Navy. Algae based fuels have been used to produce plastic, and potentially could help the world when we reach our desperate moments of oil shortage. Hydrogen is another way we can replace oil in the world, as it used for a source of energy. The problem faced with these alternatives is that they are not as strong and effective as petroleum is, and just like petroleum, they will eventually run out. Realistically, this is to be said about everything, and mankind will hopefully pull through and solve the problem.
Earth has existed for longer than humans can even grasp. It has been through a lot, such as the ice age. I see this as just another change in the Earth, and we are going to have to adapt as we have been doing for millions of years. Everything on Earth is to run out, as the world is only so big. Oil could have been a secondary source in previous times, and then the primary source ran out so we adapted to only using that. We will do the same in the future. Yes, humanity will not exist the same way it does today. However, we are a strong

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