Without Seeing the Dawn Book Report

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Clarence Delano B. Juanico 7-Tindalo Novel Report in PLE (Philippine Language in Literature) Without Seeing the Dawn I. Author’s Background Stevan Javellana was born in 1918 in Iloilo. He fought as a guerilla during the Japanese invasion of the Philippines. After the World War II, he graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Law in 1948. He stayed in the United States afterwards but he died in the Visayas in 1977 at the age of 59. II. Setting Village of Manhayang- Carding was given birth in this village; they had a farm but were taken by Don Diego. Iloilo City- Carding went to Iloilo city with his wife to find a job. He worked as a Stevedore and met Nestong the strongest man before…show more content…
This made him mad that he wanted to kill all the Japanese even if he swore to never touch a gun again. Then there was a mission that he was needed to burn the Japanese ammunition dump. There he met Rosing again but he was married to Nestong, she was a prostitute. Rosing still loves him that she burned the ammunition dump by herself. Carding and Rosing got arrested because Nestong reported to the police. Carding got out after a few days but Rosing got her head cut off. He came back and was promoted as the lieutenant. His army prepared for a fight without guns, Carding led them. They the villagers to go to the nearby village but Lucing stayed and he prayed until the first gunshot was heard. V. Theme A friend can be an enemy Carding’s uncle and his friend, Polo, worked for the Japanese against them. VI. Motif Journey- Carding and Lucing went to different places. They tried to live in different places nut ended up in the village. Love- He married Lucing but he also loved Rosing. Death- Many people died because there was a war that time. Rape- Many got raped by the Japanese like Lucing. VII. Symbol Rosing- She symbolizes life of a prostitute. VIII. Reaction I love the book Without Seeing the Dawn. Even if it was quite long, I love it because of its story. The story consists of different parts of our life. I love it because it teaches our history. I love books that teach history. It is quite easy to understand but it is not for kids especially the
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