Witness Film Essay

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The film Witness(underline witness), Directed by Peter Weir was famous in 1984. This film is about two cultures clashing with each other the Amish and The Western Society and a story line of a murder crime. “A big city cop who knows too much...His only evidence: A small boy who’s seen too much”. The main character of this film is Harrison Ford as John Book. Today I will be talking about two of the themes Peter Weir uses in the film ‘Witness’. They are the clash of two worlds and power. The first theme that I would like to speak about is the clash of two worlds ‘The Amish’ and ‘The Western Society’. This theme, Weir has made a clear comparison between the two worlds. They could not work together in harmony because of the differences in…show more content…
While the City life is crowded with transport, people, tall, tightly spaced buildings and the pollution the urban community live in. The city lives are dealt with violence, greed and criticism of the people. The dull colour of scene where people are rushing to reach their destination and the heavy and quick pace of the music has change dramatically from the opening scene as the changes is when Rachel and Samuel got on the train to go and visit her sister in the city. As the train starts to travel you could hear a great change of music from calm and soothing music to a rush and mysterious sound of the music with this it tries to tell us that Rachel and Samuel are travelling for the first time out of their comfort zone of their home into a world that is strange and unknown to them. As an audience we could see how Weir has portrayed negative thoughts of the city life while the Amish country life is a positive. Because of this issue the clash of two cultures is demonstrated through the relationship between Rachel and Book. A relationship that started at the first sight but ended as the end drew near, because of the huge gap of their cultures, faith and understanding. Rachel was a stranger to the big city life and could never understand it, and Book could never understand the culture and the life of the Amish people. An example to this is when John, Rachel, Eli and Samuel were having breakfast and John made a joke which no one
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