Wizard Of Oz Color Analysis

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L. Frank Baum wrote an amazing story using colors to describe each part of Dorothy's journey to Oz. The color changes throughout the story symbolized setting changes and different stages in her journey. The colors also represented danger, beauty, power, mood and identified characters and surroundings.

The story begins with the color gray. Dorothy's home, her dog Toto, the farm she lived on with her Aunt and Uncle, the land and sky are all gray and dull. "Once the house had been painted, but the sun blistered the paint and the rains washed it away, and now the house was as dull and gray as everything else" (Baum, ch.1). Her hardworking relatives were too busy working on the farm to have any fun with Dorothy. The best part of Dorothy's life is her best friend Toto, who is black and the only thing that isn't gray in her life. A fast approaching cyclone is about to change Dorothy's life forever.

Dorothy's first experience with color came when her house was thrown by a cyclone into the land
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The tin woodman, the scarecrow and the lion become her friends and help her on the scary journey. They travel through dark and dangerous forests, encounter Kalidahs which are monster like beasts and deadly poppy fields. When they arrive in the city of Oz the color changes to green. The houses and streets are made of green marble and emeralds. This fantasy like land is bright, the sky is green and the sun shines green. The people are wearing green and selling green lemonade. The Palace of Oz is green and everything in it is green including the carpet, furniture, flowers and books. The throne room where the great and powerful Oz lives is made of emeralds and green marble too. When Dorothy meets Oz, he tells her the only way he can help her get back to Kansas is if she kills the wicked witch of the West. Dorothy and her friends leave the City of Emerald heading west to find the witch they must
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