Wizard of Oz

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The Wizard of Oz The Wizard of Oz is a classic American film interpreted from L. Frank Baum’s book published in 1900. We have all seen the film as a child and enjoy it equally as adults. It is a film we watch repeatedly to experience the wonders of our imaginations. There are many key elements that have made this film a notorious childhood memory as well as an American classic that we have treasured for generations. How could we forget the magical characters, the music, and the outstanding cinematography? The theme of the film can be summed up simply from one of the many notable phrases, “there’s no place like home”. Dorothy, a Kansas farm girl dreams of a better place and life. During a tornado she is struck…show more content…
The beginning scene which takes place in Kansas was filmed in sepia toned black and white. This lends to the feeling of Dorothy’s dreary life and the impending tornado. The magic begins when she arrives in Oz. The use of bright colors sets the tone for the magical journey that is to begin in Oz. Technicolor had been around since 1916. Previously it had been only the two-strip method. The advances in the 1930's produced a three-strip method, which produced deeper, brighter colors. It was this method that enabled success to the Wizard of Oz. “ In Kansas we had no idea that Dorothy’s dress was blue or that Toto was blackish grey. Now everything took on a new meaning. The color in Dorothy’s dress and the color of her skin gave her a happier, more hopeful feeling. In fact, the whole setting was happier and more hopeful. The high saturation of the colors made Oz a much more appealing place than Kansas. The dress of the people in Oz was more exciting and appealing"(Bordwell 2008). The director and cinematographer did an excellent job using color and costuming in the film to effectively convey certain messages, especially those of danger and evil. Most of the film was colorful and happy, but when danger was lurking,the audience was made well aware of it with dark colors and costuming. This movie uses many different film techniques which aid in its fantastical journey. For example, the very beginning of the film there is a direct shot of Dorothy’s dog

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