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Assignment 2: Digital Crime Theories Assignment
Angela Marshall
Professor Christopher Young
Strayer University/Information Technology in Crime
February 14, 2015

Select two (2) of the theories, suggested in Chapter 3 of the text that a researcher could use to explain the cause of digital crime. Provide a rationale to support your response.
Theories Explaining the Cause of Digital Crime
Moral Development
Moral Development: is a sequential stage in moral reasoning that individuals pass through as they develop. As each stage right and wrong is made for different reasons. Crime, including computer crime; can be explained by development of moral reasoning of certain stages.
The connection among moral development and crime
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Ex: Hacking is a digital crime, whether it be for status quo, pleasure or criminal intent, all aspects of hacking is considered a digital crime. Most hackers, hack for status quo or pleasure, and feel as if they are not committing a crime as no harm is done. While some computer and of digital communication intrusion is caught, there are much that goes un-noticed, and unpunished. Leaving Hackers in the mindset that their criminal acts are acceptable and correct, as their needs are satisfied, and their criminal acts go unpunished.
Pedophiles: are those that develop a sexual interest over a long period of time. Commit their crimes for a variety of reasons and go on committing their crimes with little hopes of rehabilitation. The internet serves purpose to many pedophiles today, allowing them to commit a crime and computer crime.
Many experts agree that pedophiles develop a sexual interest over a long period of time. Most commonly pedophiles are subject to some form of sexual abuse or trauma at a young age. Other common reasons are abuse or some other related problem during sexual development, as a result they develop an interest in children as sexual objects. According to some of the pedophiles arrested they stated that they developed an interest in children as sexual objects as a result of seeing such images over the internet
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