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Reflection Lisa Nix Walden University Dr. Amy Summer, Instructor EDUC - 6709G - 1: Literacy Development in an Academically Diverse Classroom June 22, 2014 Reflection Creating and implementing effective lessons for a literacy learner who is struggling with reading and writing takes much effort and appropriate resources. Throughout the Literacy Development course, I have gained much insight and resources that have become valuable tools in addressing students’ literacy needs. Each week, I conducted lessons and activities that targeted the needs of many students, but my initial focus on was on one particular student. His individual reading level, spelling development, and writing abilities were analyzed and the recorded data was used…show more content…
We plan to meet at least once a month to discuss what is working in our classrooms and the effect it is having on our students as literacy learners. This course has provided a window into the resources and strategies available to create rich instruction for diverse needs of all literacy learners. The media segments and virtual field experiences provided models of the strategies and activities being conducted in the classroom. This was very helpful in implementing my own versions of those lessons with my literacy learner and completing the literacy development study. I believe this course has prepared me to be a more efficient educator when teaching students of diverse reading abilities. I plan to continue using my newfound knowledge and skills to create an enriching learning environment for all students in my classroom. References Dynamic Measurement Group. (2013). Dibels next. Retrieved from Fox, M., & Tusa, T. (2002). The magic hat. San Diego: Harcourt. Gibbons, G. (1998). Penguins. New York, NY: Holiday House. Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2009a). Literacy development in an academically diverse classroom: Assessment-driven instruction: Word study. Baltimore: Author. Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2009b). Literacy development in an academically diverse classroom: Virtual Field Experience™: 'Read with' activity. Baltimore: Author. McKenna,

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