Wlison Brothers Communication Guidelines

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3. Write a document that Wilson Brothers specifically would use to establish guidelines and norms for the organization with respect to the use of email, and any other electronic communication medium, for internal and external communications. Make recommendations on what to do and what not to do. Explain the reasoning for your recommendations. (10 marks) WILSON BROTHERS LIMITED Guidelines for Best Practices in Electronic Communications This document will serve as a guideline on the use of electronic communications and addresses major issues such as; email and cell phone usage, best practices, how we define appropriate use of email and cell phones in the workplace, the effective use of email as a business tool for internal and…show more content…
Personal use must not pre-empt any Wilson Brothers Limited activity. Never misuse or use email for personal use. Never share your password with anyone. Sharing business records and or information with anyone outside the office can become a legal matter. All passwords should be changed on a quarterly basis. And the system will prompt you to do so. Always be accountable for your actions, follow the office guidelines when it comes to regular password changes and keep your supervisor\manager in the loop. When everyone has the same understanding, they know what to expect! RATIONALE: The reason for never misusing or using emails for personal use should be clear in the workplace, electronic communications are owned by the company. Never sharing information, especially passwords is a breach of privacy and security and could result in legal action. The use of personal cell phones in the workplace especially when working is unethical. In this outline, the employer has provided the incidental personal use guidelines and I feel they are fair since employees will use their own personal cell
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