Woking Capital Management in Organisation

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Poject title “ a study of customer satisfaction towards sevices provided by DCC Bank Narkhed .”


“Bank” Everybody is well versed with the term bank. All the countries of the world are having financial institution called banks. By the word 'bank ' , one immediately understand that, a bank is something which deals with aspects of deposits and giving loans and advances.
Banks safeguard money and valuables and provide loans, credit, and payment services, such as checking accounts, money orders, and cashier’s checks. Banks also may offer investment and insurance products, which they were once prohibited from selling. As a variety of models for cooperation and integration among finance industries have emerged,
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Others are beginning to provide investment banking services that help companies and governments raise money through the issuance of stocks and bonds, also usually through a subsidiary. As banks respond to deregulation and as competition in this sector grows, the nature of the banking industry will continue to undergo significant change.


With increasing number of banks including the public sector banks are fascinated by the technology banking, the result are very visible in the form of alternative channel banking and new delivery system, new operating structures and business processes and outsourcing of operations and human resources. The banking in India is clearly experiencing stunning changes in the recent years and the explosion of information technology made the life easy for most of the bankers and users. The popular channel banking instrument such as Automated Teller Machines (ATM), Tele banking, Mobile banking, Internet banking are gaining popularity. Besides the facilities like Electronic Fund
Transfer, Electronic Clearing System, Electronic Data Interchange etc. are also increasing by used in the recent years.

Now, the mantra of the new generation banks is – customers are not welcome (to branch). If you want any service you don’t come – we will come to you. And if you want to know any things you don’t call us – we’ll call you. Most of these banks in fact fine it more expensive

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