Wolf Environmental Interest

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Andres Perez
Ms. Elizabeth Szcypka
Environmental Interest for Wolves
February 15, 2017
Environmental Interest for Wolves at Yellowstone National Park
Wolves play an important environmental interest in Yellowstone for many reasons. Wolves keep the world of predators and prey in balance. After wolves eat, the leftovers from their kills feeds many animals like scavengers, bald, golden eagles, magpies, coyotes, ravens, and bears. Without wolves to share land with coyotes they will kill more elks mostly on pocket gophers, voles, and other small animals. It’s an environment interest to keep wolves in Yellowstone because for example make animals benefit. The elk is the main prey of wolves and without the stress of greedy wolves, elk will begin to
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It’s an environmental interest and benefits to the recovery of wolves because wolves are predator of elks and bringing them back will reduce overpopulation. Because of the growing population of elks while wolves were in extinction, this resulted to an imbalance in the ecosystem and overfeeding on vegetation, that’s why is very important to make sure we have wolves in Yellowstone because if we don’t then it will result in an imbalance in our ecosystem because one organism needs the other one to survive and be balanced.
In conclusion, wolves are important to balance the ecosystem and renew our ecosystems. They improve the territory and increase populations of a lot of species from birds of prey to pronghorn, and even trout. The presence of wolves impacts the population and behavior of their prey, changing the chasing and hunting patterns of prey animals and how they move about the land. This, in turn, flows throughout plants and animal’s areas, often changing the landscape itself. For this reason, wolves are described as a important species, whose existence is fundamental to maintaining the health, structure and balance of
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