Wolfchase Galleria

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Everyone loves shopping whether it’s looking for a new dress or a gadget. Shopping can be done in numerous places, but I think the most common place would be the mall, I personally love going to the mall its relaxing to me. The Wolfchase Galleria is one of my favorites, it’s located in Cordova on Germantown Pkwy near Bartlett. This mall is always busy just on a normal day not just on the holidays. Wolfchase has over a hundred stores, food court, and movie theatre, along with a new addition the Cheese Cake Factory restaurant. With so many things going on inside the mall your day will never be boring. The Wolfchase Galleria is a big social site for everyone with many events happing. It was on a Friday when I decide to go to the mall to look around and to observe what’s going on. First, I drove down highway 64 to get to the mall. As I approach the left turning lane, I notice the traffic. I got to the mall lot and the traffic was terrible as usual. I’m sitting at a stop sign for about 8 minutes just trying to…show more content…
One stop was at Macy’s. I went in Macy’s downstairs first where the makeup and purses are. I walked to the Coach purses, it was much traffic right there until I walked to the clearance purses. It looked like it was Black Friday, those women was on a treasure hunt. The women seem excited about the sale the purse. I was getting ready to leave until a perfume sample was handed to me. The lady was very loud and excited about the new fragrance. My last stops where Victoria Secret and Journey’s. Victoria Secret was crowed just like all the other stores. I saw two men waiting outside the store holding shopping bags. The store lines were extremely long, and it was kind of warm inside the store. My last stop of the day was Journey’s the shoe store. It wasn’t so busy, but it was some teenage boys already in the store taking picture of some boots. I looked around for a few minutes and
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