Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 's Overture

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s overture to The Marriage of Figaro brings together all the components and styles of the classical period. With it being an overture, it sets the mood and allows people to get ready for the opera they are about to watch. Mozart was one of the greatest composers to ever resonate from the classical period and his music is still studied and played worldwide today. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in 1756 in Salzburg. (Kem) Recognized for his works at an extremely young age, Mozart was playing the harpsicord by the age of four and had written his first opera by the age of eight. (Wright) He was highly educated and exceedingly well known throughout Europe. The early parts of his career were spent waiting at the beck and call of people in high political power until 1781. In 1781, Mozart moved to Vienna, Austria to become a freelance composer, teacher, and pianist. (Kem) Most composers in the Classical era worked for the aristocracy. Mozart being a freelance composer left him in serious finical trouble by the end of his career. (Kem) Although he lived a short life, dying at the age of thirty-five, but his time in this world was not wasted. During his lifespan, he wrote over six hundred pieces of work ranging from operas, piano concertos, symphonies, and serenades. (Kem) One of his opera buffas that stood out in his career was The Marriage of Figaro. The French writer Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais wrote the play. Beaumarchais and Mozart wrote a

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