Wolfgang Keller at Königsbräu-Tak (a)

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I. Introduction & Problem Definition Königsbräu A.G., which was a Munich-based brewer company, has subsidiary in Ukrainian. Wolfgang Keller who is the managing director of Ukrainian subsidiary with having succeeded as a hands-on manager, worked for food manufacturing companies in the past. He generally took his success with effective solutions such as changing marketing strategy, reconfiguring the sales force, hiring a new top-management and many others. As a result of this effort, he set one’s sights on and also he expects to be promoted to the firm’s Vorstand for the future. Dmitri Brodsky, who is the Königsbräu-TAK’s commercial director, attended to firm 2 years earlier and his performance in this company is checked and is not admired…show more content…
Also, he will have much more time to interest with customers and distributors; and then Keller can reevaluate his personal contacts and hands-on connections. Besides these, Zelenko also will improve himself with taking the responsibility of Sales Directorship. As it is mentioned in the case, Zelenko has not much experince about these area, it can cause some problems; but he can also find a chance to improve his skills in this area even if he may make some faults. For this alternative, Sterling Livingston claimed that confidence gives credibility which make goals seem achievable, so this alternative can demotivate Brodsky, and decrease his performance during his business enviroment. Alternative II: For the second alternative, Keller should help Brodsky in motivated, tolerant and multioptional manner. In the “Pygmalion in Management” article, if there is a undevelopment, underutilization, and ineffective management, there is a greatest challenge with it by using most valuable resource, young-talent. Keller can hire two or more member contained new active and young-talent team so as to support Brodsky. One of the teammember will be a secratary and the closest person to him in order to remind all tasks, plannings and preparing a schedule for each day. Another member of the team will be active hands-on contact person who will helps to Brodsky

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