Wolfgang Weingarts Style And The International Swiss Design Style

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Compare And Contrast Wolfgang Weingarts Style And The International Swiss Typography Style. Summarise Weingart Techniques. The word “Weingart” originated from his students. This began the era of “The Weingart Style” and it spread around. I will explore the differences of Wolfgang Weingarts work and the International Swiss Typography style. Showing how his work is unique compared to the modern swiss typography. I will focus on a range of different techniques that Weingart experimented with and how he implemented this into his projects. This essay will show how weingarts work differentiates to swiss typography style, showing how effective and unique his style is in comparison to the swiss. You will learn an understanding of Weingarts expiermental designs and how he created these through some inspiration from the swiss design, as one of his former students states (Keith Tam 2013)“He would proudly acknowledge that his experimental typography is also Swiss, because it was a ‘natural progression’ from the classical Swiss typography as we know it.” In my first section I will introduce the swiss typography and weingarts style, giving a brief overview on their history of design. The swiss international style started up in world war 2 in Switzerland, according to Steven Bradley the swiss style Steven Bradley (22/07/13)“emerged from earlier design styles like De Stijl, constructivisnm, bauhaus, new typography, though without the political and historical contexts of those

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