Wolfgang Welsch Transculturality: The Puzzling Form Of Cultures Today

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Wolfgang Welsch - “Transculturality – the puzzling Form of cultures Today.”
In his article "Transculturality – the puzzling Form of cultures today", Welsch aims to construct a new understanding of the concept of culture in order to reflect the “complexity of modern culture”. His main argument is that all the old uses of culture even the ones that tried to reflect the new changing societies, were sin to the idea of culture as by using the same traditional concept of culture as a homogenous, ethnic based and isolated. Welsch suggest a new understanding of culture by using the term “transculturality” that uses a new understanding of cultures and societies as intermixing.
The traditional concept of culture according to Welsch, characterized by reflecting one single ethnicity in a homogenous society that is isolated. Whelch refer to that concept as a “culture as an island”. That mean that the society contain only one set of characteristics and all the members demonstrate those set of rules in their actions and way of life. In addition, the culture is always a culture of one nation - the way we understand people actions is by attribute them to a
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Today more than ever, individuals and societies are built as an integration of different cultures and carry different characteristics that construct their unique identity.
However, Transclturality is seen by Welsch not only as a descriptive concept but as a concept but as a concept that has an active power on a society. It rooted in political beliefs and nourish them. Not only that The old concept of “culture as an island” does not reflect the modern individual or society, it is also promote a dangerous acceptance of a homogenous society and reject the task of understanding the fluidity and flexible characterizes of
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