Wolsey 's Effect On The Justice System

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Wolsey also had a substantial effect on the justice system, reinventing the equity court based on fairness, meaning on a sense of conscience instead of a formal legal process). He was responsible for the re-establishment of the Star Chamber, Court of Chancery, dealing with simple and inexpensive cases and the Court of Requests, which made justice available to those who were unable to afford the fees usually needed for a court case. In theory this was an excellent idea and was supported by the commons as well as a number of nobles, a number of which thought they were untouchable by the law, and that this way justice would be served more effectively. Through this the jurisdiction of the Court of Chancery was greatly expanded and further developed, making it possible to increase the number of cases dealt with from an estimated twelve each year to about 120 a year during the 1520 's. While he increased the jurisdiction of the Court of Chancery, he limited the Court of Star Chamber and declared it as impartial, as well as declaring that it should have no influence in political matters. This had the effect that people were relying directly on the crown to settle their disputes meaning that it gained influence in the matters and that local landowners were capped in their power. During this time a number of nobles were convicted, who had thought themselves to be above the law and Wolsey made further enemies in the ranks of those close to the King. While this was successful in

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