Wolsey's Responsibility For His Own Downfall Essay

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Wolsey's Responsibility For His Own Downfall Thomas Wolsey can be easily viewed as being responsible for his own downfall. John Guy believes that Wolsey was “brilliant but flawed.” His rise was based on luck, charm, intelligence and opportunism. Wolsey had such high ambitions and gave Henry the idea he was capable of getting him anything, so when Wolsey failed to get Henry a divorce, it was seen as the final nail on the coffin to his downfall. His policies are also a cause to his downfall; Wolsey’s foreign policy was a success but also caused problems. On Wolsey’s rise he created enemies, which lead to the lack of support and opposition in his years as Chancellor. But it can also be viewed, on…show more content…
WASN’T ====== But on Wolsey’s rise he made many enemies and had poor relations with nobility. His powerful office and close friendship with Henry earned him many enemies, particularly aristocrats who resented his usurpation of their traditional influence. They also resented his great wealth. Over the years, Wolsey amassed a vast fortune, though he spent lavishly, but he was also charitable and personally financed many diplomatic missionaries. Most of the gentlemen who entered the government service was for financial reward; Wolsey was not different. As the Kings chief minister, he was expected to entertain foreign dignitaries and maintain suitable impressive lifestyle. His increasingly ostentatious displays of wealth did, however, damage both his personal reputation and the church. Wolsey’s rise was a cause was a cause to his own fall; he gave Henry very high ambitions and expectations, which Wolsey couldn’t always fulfil. His show of his wealth led to his fall; he cause resentment between the upper nobility. As Randell explains Wolsey was the son of a butcher and “from these lowly origins he defied all the rules of social mobility by becoming the richest and most powerful man in England besides the King.” His rise from being a butcher’s son and becoming the King’s personal advisor, which made the

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