Wolter's Brewery Case Synopsis

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Case Synopsis The case is based on how Wolter’s, a brewing company was able to survive and grow with a distinctive marketing strategy. The company does a really good job by selling their products to the niche market and maintaining good customer relationships with the local consumers. Because the growth in their local market was limited they were considering exporting to other countries as an option to increase their sales. The stakeholders of the company competently adopted a problem solving technique. Although they were doing really well in the competitive market, they had to face some legal and political challenges. Overall, Wolters did a superior job by utilizing all the opportunities for better growth and improvement of the company.…show more content…
It still has to decide how to finance money to fulfill the canning and packaging facilities and modernize the company and its organizational structure. Evaluation of alternatives • The company could improve its competitive position in the domestic market using the Porter’s five forces. By positioning itself as a low cost provider the company can protect itself from competitors, as lower costs would allow the company to earn returns even if its competitors are taking away profits. Turning the negatives of legal restrictions into positive and utilizing that opportunity to create a good PR would help Wolters attract more customers. By giving a message about alcohol abuse in their ads they can depict itself as a socially responsible brand. This can help the create more loyal customers for the company. The company must first focus on it’s domestic market and export later. • To increase the size of potential markets Wolters need to pursue international expansion. As seen in the case large breweries were only interested in orders that were a minimun 10,000 hl. So, Wolters needs to increase the volume of speciality beers to be exported in order to deal with large breweries. At the same time, they need to keep in mind the political and currency risks in exporting to other countries. Conclusion I believe, Wolters has established itself in the regional market pretty well. It should now create and focus on its international

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