Wolterstorff's Life During A Time Of Grief Essay

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During a time of grief, Mr. Wolterstorff was experiencing a condition of endless suffering. In order to resume ordinary life, he to acquire peace thus, allowing him to experience joy. This first occurred when Mr. Wolterstorff reminded himself of why Eric began mountain climbing in the first place. Mr. Wolterstorff remembered that climbing was a way to experience God’s creations first hand. This was nature in its raw form, untouched and unaltered. By climbing in nature, Eric was brought closer to God, deepening his relationship. This brought Mr. Wolterstorff joy as it showed him that Eric remained strong in his faith. It proved that he died doing what he loved. On the path of finding joy, Mr. Wolterstorff realized that instead of grieving he must honor Eric. He did this by not letting him be forgotten. Eric’s life was a gift of God. By never forgetting Eric they would always honor him and his path with God.…show more content…
Wolterstorff. He noted death as a constant battle between lamenting and faith (Wolterstorff, 1987). At times he wondered why God allowed his suffering to persist. This made Mr. Wolterstorff feel as though God had forgotten about him. However, through realizing that faith endures, understood that the only way to gain strength was through God. By the means of God, Mr. Wolterstorff regained a sense of joy in life. Not only through finding peace with the death of his son but also by furthering his personal relationship with God. He noticed that during times of death, God suffers alongside him. God did not enjoy the death of Eric anymore than Mr. Wolterstorff does. He felt joy in knowing that God could relate to the loss of a son as God lost his only son when Jesus Christ died upon the
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