Wolve Wolves And Veterans Essay

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After seeing many terrible things while serving in the military, many soldiers will have to deal with post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. Many will try a variety of therapy methods, but many say they don’t really help. Without help, some will turn to alcohol or other things that lead to an addiction. Seeing the need for a new way to heal, the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center in California offers a private place for veterans only. They call the program Warriors and Wolves. They have over forty animals at the facility. They’ve rescued wolves off chains in Alaska and dogs from a backyard breeder in San Diego. In their calm, nature setting, they’re giving veterans an opportunity to heal. One animal picks one veteran and that animal never shows anyone else that same affection. Having a companion and being apart of the pack helps them to heal. The wolves have been through trauma too, just like the veterans, so they have that connection. “There are things I’ve seen that I can’t unsee. There are things I’ve done that I cannot undo. Just saying that, well, I did in the name of my country doesn`t help you sleep at night. But what does help you sleep is having a companion,” says Matthew Simmons, the co-founder of Warriors and Wolves and veteran.…show more content…
The wolf is responsible for keeping the balance in nature. The wolf helps out the mouse by assuring the elk doesn’t rub all the bark off the tree and create a wasteland. Through these actions, we see how wolves protect and maintain the wild. Veterans, are similar in that they travel around the world to protect those struggling, and move them to a safe place. Like the wolf, a veteran will kill if it is necessary to protect the people. The wolf and veteran’s purpose is to protect everyone. At Lockwood, they give both a chance to
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