Woman Grinding Maize

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Crystal Huizar Hum 123 SA9- Paper #1 9/15/2012 Woman Grinding Maize – Diego Rivera One of my favorite art works is La Molendera, or The Woman Grinding Maize, by Diego Rivera. The medium of this painting is oil paint on a horizontal canvas that measures 106.7 x 121.9 cm. When I first see this painting, the woman dressed in white with her hair split in two braids, grinding maize on a stone, is what stands out to me the most. It is traditional for women in Mexico that make tortillas to grind the maize, corn, on a rock. In the background I see three already made tortillas baking on top of a ceramic dish. The colors used in the atmosphere are cool toned, which gives you a sense of calm and a soothing sensation. The main colors used here…show more content…
He believed that all people should be able to view and enjoy art, so he began creating huge murals on public walls. He concentrated on creating large frescoes portraying the history and social problems of Mexico. Rivera had a great interest in indigenous people of Mexico and their day-to-day lives. This painting, The Woman Grinding Maize, shows what a lot of people feel about work; even though you don’t like it you still have to do it. The woman face expression demonstrates sadness, exhaustion and pain. I can see how she doesn’t have the best job but she still does her job with pride. This painting teaches me that I have to do the best job no matter how much I dislike it and take pride in what I do. Rivera really demonstrates these feelings in the woman grinding the maize, she is looking down with almost seems her to be nearly closed; her back is gloomed hunch backing down. Diego Rivera shaded her face down darker than the rest of her body to emphasize the sadness in her work. So based on all those details I feel as Rivera demonstrated these feeling openly. When I see this painting I see exactly what Diego is showing, the day-to-day life of a working woman. Woman Grinding Maize
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