Woman Hollering Creek: Dreams and Reality Essay

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“Such a funny name for a creek so pretty and full of happily ever after” (Cisneros,1991, p.248).The story “Woman Hollering Creek" by Sandra Cisneros described the lives of Mexicans in a Chicago neighborhood. She depicts the life that women endure as Latino wives through her portrayal of the protagonist—Cleofilas. Cisneros, a Mexican-American, has given Cisneros a chance to see life from two different cultures. Cisneros wrote the story from a woman’s perspective, demonstrating the types of conflicts many women face as Latino wives.
At the beginning of the story, the protagonist, Cleofilas, had an illusion that all romance is like the ones she had seen on television. However, she soon realizes that her relationship with Juan Pedro was
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However, as the story progresses, Cleofilas starts to endure her husband’s abuse. The first time Juan Pedro hits her, she is too surprised to even shed a tear or try to defend herself. Cisneros wanted to address domestic violence because many women feel helpless when they are in controlling and abusive circumstances. Moreover, a controlling and abusive relationship causes a great deal of tension and unhappiness, which Cleofilas experiences throughout the story.
Cleofilas feels that she could not do much, but becomes hopeful about her situation. For instance, Cleofilas has to remind herself why she loves her husband when she is changing the baby’s Pampers, or when she is mopping the bathroom floor, etc. (Cisneros,1991, p.249). Cisneros emphasizes that many women who are controlled and abused often feel that they need to remind themselves why they married their husbands. Cisneros points out that when you love someone you should not have to ask yourself why, or worry so much about getting hurt.
Another important issue that Cisneros addresses is gender roles in the Latino community. In Mexico, being born a male is of higher prestige and value than being born female (Pigeon, J). Therefore, women are raised to become wives a role in which she must obey her husband, since he is the head of the family. Cisneros demonstrates this assumption throughout the story by showing the way Cleofilas
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