Woman Hollering Creek

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October 8, 2010
English 102

Culture is the “System of values, beliefs and ways of knowing that guide communities of people in their daily lives” (qtd. In Rothstein-Fusch and Trumball 3). Every culture is different and unique in its own lifestyle. Culture is basically life itself. The short story “Woman Hollering Creek” by Sandra Cisneros is a clear example of these characteristics by bringing together life in Mexico and the United States. The reader gets the opportunity to view both sides of Cleofilas, the protagonist of the short story, culture as she moves to a new place with her new husband Juan Pedro. She enjoys watching telenovelas because she knows her life will never measure up to the lives of beautiful women from the
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In this type of alpha-male household, the man wears the pants, and he is able to get away with abusing his wife or daughter(s). This is the cruel fate of Cleófilas’s future. She was going to have to tough it out, every time that Juan Pedro got drunk and laid a hand on Cleófilas. She is tough, considering how much abuse she has to take. The city was even a man’s world, where the women were never outside, just stayed home, cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children: “Because the towns are built to you have to depend on husbands. Or stay home” (242). Even then, it was considered taboo to have a woman in the workforce that was predominantly male. Unfortunately, in those times, a woman’s place in the world was a caretaker for the home and the children, according to men who lived in those times. Cleófilas has spent her entire life trapped in a world that conditions her to see herself as inferior, and to feel that males, fathers, husbands, or brothers are somehow superior beings that she must serve and honor. The myth of the La Llorona tale plays an important role in the story “Woman Hollering Creek.” Although the myth has many versions, the general idea is of a woman who is crying for the lover who has abandoned her and for her children that she has drowned in the river. The woman then is
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