Woman Must Marry in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Essay

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Jane Austen knowingly stated the problems in society with a particular emphasis on the harshness of the culture towards women. During her time little girls were raised being taught about the dire circumstances of a woman who did not marry well. Little girls were taught to be multi-lingual, artistic, cultured, musically inclined, and other inconsequential skills. These skills were required to make a good match for a wealthy man, which was their only goal in life. This is furthermore expressed, as Sheehan states , “Familial aspirations, coupled with women’s increased dependence on marriage for financial survival, made courtship a central focus of women’s lives” (n.pag.). Society was entirely driven by marriage. Jane Austen noticed this…show more content…
Jane and Elizabeth shared the same radical idea of marrying a man because of the size of their heart instead of the size of their pocket book. The girls fought against the social normality and married for nothing more than the deepest affection. This was clear when Elizabeth refuses to marry her cousin, Mr. Collins. Their marriage would have benefitted the entire family because it meant the younger girls would have a place to live, even if their father died. Mr. Collins was a nice enough man. His kind demeanor is shown when he works to repair the damaged family bond that was torn between his father and Mr. Bennet. His consideration of this made it evident that he had everyone’s best interest at heart. Yet because Elizabeth did not love him, she refused him breaking her mother’s heart in the process.
The concept of a dowry also expresses the large extent to which marriage was consumed by thoughts of money.
“A dowry is the property that a wife brings to her husband on marriage. In Europe, The dowry has a long history, frequently serving only to enhance the desirability of a woman for marriage but also to build the power and wealth of great families…” (Dowry 205).
The Bennet family’s lack of fortune ensures that the girls would have a very difficult time finding a suitable husband. The only way they can survive without marrying well is if their dad had set aside some of his annual income to
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