Woman Of Color Application Essay

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I am a woman of color, and I am proudly so. Throughout my life I have been misjudged and discriminated constantly; However, I do not let the pigment of my skin determine who I am and who I plan to be. Being a woman of color has pushed me even harder to achieve my goals. My goal in life is to graduate with a doctorate in physical therapy, and show beautiful young girls of color that you shouldn't let anyone determine who you are and where you are going to go in life. I want to be a prime example of the next generation of young women, I want them to understand that your social and economic status doesn't matter when you work hard and have confidence in the work you do. Another goal I plan to achieve is to start my own non-profit organization that implements the importance of the arts in schools nationwide. I believe that everyone should have an outlet to display their talents. I want to create this program…show more content…
There was absolutely nothing that could set me apart from the sea of designer purses, overly expensive shoes, and cherry flavored lip glosses. In high school, it seems if you weren’t marginalized into a group or follow the status quo you were seen as the misfit. One day, I experienced an epiphany in the back of my Government class, I wasn’t content with the illusion of the perfect teen. I had acceptable grades, I was well liked by most of my student body; however, I couldn’t come to the terms that I neglected what really mattered to me. At home my family would describe me with words such as: “eclectic, unique and remarkable.”, but at school I conformed into a person with a lackluster personality. I reckon that college is a place where each student is not the same and has the ability to be their true selves without being judged. This being, another reason why I respect your institution on the importance of accepting different cultures and
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