`` Woman Work `` By Maya Angelou

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It has been said that if someone works really hard and pushes them self to become more than what they are, then they will make something out of their life. This saying is not always true though, because it just depends on the person who is asked the question. Some people might say that it is true while others may say that it is not. Take these two works by two totally different authors for example, “Woman Work” by Maya Angelou; which tells of a women’s many tasks that she must complete, but unfortunately she has nothing to call her own, and the song “She Works Hard for the Money” by Donna Summer, which is about a women who works extremely hard every day just to make ends meet, but she will never give up; both of these works use literal sense, and diction to portray the message of two different women’s mind set on the definition of hard work; on the other hand these two works also differ with their uses of rhetorical situation. To start with, when a reader reads these two works, “Woman Work” by Maya Angelou, and the song “She Works Hard for the Money” by Donna Summer they can clearly tell that both women have the same mind set on the definition hard work through the authors uses of literary sense. For instance, in the poem “Women Work” the author uses the literary sense of a woman who has multiple tasks that she lists in which she must complete, “I’ve got children to tend/The clothes to mend/ The floor to mop/The food to shop” (Angelou 1-4), but she really just wants to stop
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