Woman Writers of the Romantic Period

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Woman Writers of the Romantic Period Romanticism (also called Romantic Era or Romantic period) was a complex artistic, literary, and intellectual movement that originated in the second half of the 18th century in Europe, and developed in reaction to the Industrial Revolution. In part, it was a movement against various social and political norms and ideas of the Age of Enlightenment. It strongly influenced the visual arts, music, and literature, but it had impact on education and natural history as well. During this period, writers and poets were actively engaged in the creation of a new form of artistic expression. The objective of this type of expression was to celebrate intuition, rather than reason. It is believed that the greatest…show more content…
A large collection of Anna Barbauld's works was destroyed in the bombing of London in World War II. Anna Laetitia Barbaud was acclaimed for her genius and talent. Many writers admired her poetry. She often wrote of home, of children, and of her faith, but she did so in an individual voice. Her educational and political writing also reflects her independence of thought, and strength of conviction. Clearly, she deserves more credit than she has received these past one hundred and fifty years. Joanna Baillie is another notable woman writer of the Romantic era. Walter Scott called Joanna Baillie “the best dramatic writer” in Britain “since the days of Shakespeare and Massinger” was a Scottish dramatist and poetess. She was famous during her lifetime, and her plays were very well-received. She was born in Bothwell, Lanarkshire on September 11, 1762, in the family of James Baillie and Dorothea Hunter. Joanna belonged to an old Scottish family, which claimed among its ancestors Sir William Wallace. Despite Joanna preferred playing in the garden and exploring the nature, she received an excellent education, and began very early to write poetry. In 1769 the Baillies moved from Bothwell to Hamilton, South Lanarkshire and a few years later Joanna was sent to Glasgow to attend a boarding-school. In 1790, she published her first work Poems: Wherein it is
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