Woman and Ila Tribe Essay

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Walimai, it’s a story about an Indian with his supernatural beliefs. He tells a story of his life while he lives in the jungle. Walimai believes that you have to be very careful with the names of persons and living creatures demand respect, because when you speak their names you touch their hearts and become part of their life force. Walimai feels that outside people, or travelers speak with such lightness when they talk to each other, he says that we should not speak in vain, and it is a tradition that he has thought to his children, and they should be respected. He mentions that his tribe tries to follow their old traditions while others decide to move on and go on a different direction. Not enough women were born in the years before.…show more content…
They ate corn, bananas and canned food. They had women staying in a weird camp. After several weeks of working, his boss gave him a liquor bottle which he had threw away, and sent him where the women were staying. When his turn had came the sun was gone, it was dark already. Walimai starts talking about a woman who was from the Ila tribe, where the most delicate women come from. Even men travel for months to find the tribe; they give them gifts and hunt for them hoping to get one of their women. One of them was there; she was lying naked on a mat, tied by her ankles to a chain. She smelled like a dog and she was dirty with the dew of the men who had already covered her. She was small like the size of a boy. The Ila women adorn their ears with feathers and flowers, they paint designs on their bodies, but she had none of that. Walimai placed his knife on the ground and greeted her like a sister imitating songs of birds. She did not respond. He hit her chest to see if her spirit was alive, but her soul was weak and did not respond back. Then he talked to her in the tongue of his mother which was form the Ila tribe. Then she opened her eyes and he understood something. Before anything, he washed his hands and gave her water to drink, and with his knife he opened a cut sliding it through her neck. Walimai had killed one of the most delicate and prettiest women. He believes that life is a gift from the gods. He mentions that the women saw him with big
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