Woman at Point Zero

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Firdaus sheds her last grain of virtue. In doing so, she realizes the truth of her society. Seeing what a woman is and does in Egypt, her home, she sees the only way out of the situation. Firdaus, through her desire to be become a human being who was not looked upon with discontent; she finds that a successful prostitute was better than a misled saint. Throughout her life, Firdaus had incurred the abuse that her society inflicted on women. Firstly, her father treating her not wrongly, but the way that daughters had always been treated. At a young age, Firdaus was forced to accept that her status in society should never surpass or equal a man, and that she was there to help the man live more effectively. The way in which she lost the…show more content…
Her life was lived for her by this statement; she can apply it to all of her experiences men, and her failed attempts to find love. By modern western standards, Firdaus is a criminal. She chose to kill a man, and in doing so, sentenced herself to death. She went to school, and therefore ought to have known the consequences of her action. In her eyes, she was not a criminal. It was impossible for a woman to be a criminal. As Firdaus saw it, all actions of an illegal nature undertaken by women were simply either self-defense or retribution. It was always due to a man being at fault. Firdaus claims that all men are criminals: fathers, the uncles, the husbands, the pimps, the lawyers, the doctors, the journalists, and all men of all professions. Yet, their own society would never label them criminals. Firdaus's father was a simple peasant farmer. He did and acted the way that simple peasant farmers did, always have, and always would do. If this meant trading his virgin daughter for a dowry when there was still time, then some thing is wrong. Firdaus's uncle put her through school, which was a rare thing for a woman to obtain such an education in Egypt. Before she had been educated, enough to realize what was happening; however, Firdaus's uncle allowed his long thin fingers to feel there way slowly upwards over her thighs. In any western culture, this is a punishable criminal offense. In
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