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"Africana Womanism: An Historical, Global Prespective for Women of African Descent" "Africana Womanism: An Historical, Global Perspective for Women of African Descent" is an essay based on Africana Womanism and how it compares to white feminism. The essay was written by Clenora Hudson-Weems, an African American writer and literary critic. She was born in Oxford, Mississippi and she was raised in Memphis, Tennessee. I will compare Africana Womanism and Feminism and discuss the definition of the two the topics. Also I will discuss the important historical figures that are womanists. I think the issue is important because the common misconception is that a womanist and a feminist are the same thing but they are totally different. A…show more content…
It "..demonstrates the primacy of overcoming racial obstacles before addressing the absurdity of female subjugation.."(Weems, 80). Harriet Tubman, also known as the Underground Railroad conductor, risked her life time after time to help free Africana men, women, and children in slavery. She helped reunite families that were separated because of slavery. Ida B. Wells is an anti-lynching crusader. She investigated into the lynching of Africana men that were a threat to the economic system. Clenora Hudson-Weems wrote a great essay on Africana womanism. I have defined womanism and feminism and given my opinion of the definitions. Also, I have discussed the important historical womanists and how they contributed to the Africana community. I have stated that an Africana woman's role in society is mostly family or community centered. Works Citied Weems-Hudson, Clenora. "Africana Womanism: An Historical, Global Perspective for Women of African Descent" Touchstone Third Edition. Asalen Springfield and Coloria C. Johnson: Pearon, 2002.
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