Womans Suffrage Essay

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Introduction : No true words were spoke than those by Ms. Susan B. Anthony, “Oh, if I could but live another century and see the fruition of all the work for women! There is so much yet to be done.” Those words are still true today. Even though Ms. Susan B. Anthony, Ms. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and other activists worked hard to get equal rights for women to allow them the right to have a say in how our government is run there are still places in the world where women and even some men aren’t allowed to vote. Some of those places may actually be surprising, others maybe not so much. Even still some of the trials these women went through to end women’s suffrage and the lack of political equality is worth taking a look at even ninety-one …show more content…
But Ms. Anthony, Ms. Stanton and their other advocates were never willing to take that as an answer. (Humm) The first victory towards voting came on February 15th 1880 when the newly elected Governor Alonzo B. Cornell granted women the right within school elections. While it was just a small victory it wasn’t near enough for then sixty year old Ms. Anthony. The ‘petition’ : January 29th 1866 brought forth another momentous moment in the history of Woman's Suffrage. The 'Petition for Universal Suffrage'. Ms Anthony and her fellow women did their best to gain the much needed support but based just the part of the petition shown there were only twelve names. No other information is given wither there were more names and that was just one page of it or if that truly was it. But with Ms. Anthony and the other activist did that perhaps was just one more stepping stone towards their final goal. (Rutgers)
The First Vote and a Trial : Eight years prier to this on November 1st 1872 Ms. Anthony and three of her sisters went into a local barbershop, which had been set up at the time as a voter registration office, demanding to be registered. The four Anthony women were a part of a group of fifty women organized by Ms. Anthony to register within Ms. Anthony's home town of Rochester New York. When the four women were refused by the men there in charge
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