Women’s Discriminations

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Women’s Discriminations

Although the position of a woman in society today has improved, there is still a great deal of sexual discrimination. Do you agree?
Discrimination of a woman in society is still remarkable in spite of the fact that there are organizations against woman discrimination. This issue is common in different countries especially in the United States of America and in Sweden. How could we Identify discrimination of a woman? Is it by nature that a woman is differing than a man?
Firstly, we consider discrimination if both sexes, man and woman works at the same job, position and task, but different wages of salary. In the United States of America, women complain their wages gap which is less than a man. Women in all
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Testosterone influence how the brain develops. It seems that differences in hormone levels create the differences we see between male and female but cultural influence will change some interest like for example in India, they have economical problem, women go to study technical course because they want a job. Unlike in more progressive countries like for example western and Europe, women have freedom to choose. The four psychologies come up with relevant studies. Studies show that women and men were born differently by nature. They explained relatively that makes sense of reliability.
It seems to me that sexual discrimination is still a great deal all over the world especially in USA and in Sweden. Even though there are organizations for women’s-human right for example International Alliance of Women (IAW). The basic principle of the IAW is that the full and equal enjoyment of human right is due to all women and girls. I do agree that sex’s discrimination is one of the problems in the society, for the reason of unequal payment between man and woman with the same job and position. In my point of view, not all the situation we can consider sexes discrimination, because I believe that man and woman was born differently as the study of biology was proven that male and female develop in different interest. I can say that man is stronger than woman, and that is true. There is some job that fits only for man. Even though there are women so called strong like a man,
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