Women : A Modern Day Revolution

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In the last few decades, our nation has seen a modern day revolution in women’s participation in the workforce. Today, women are independent breadwinners for their families. In education, modern day young women have pushed through boundaries and are doing just as well if not better that their young male counterparts in educational achievements and earn advanced degrees. Regardless of these advancements, women still trail behind their male peers with respect to education and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The support of women STEM students is imperative not only for our nation to grow toward gender equality, and economic triumph; but for women themselves. STEM careers are the future of America; they offer women the possibility of a higher salary, and increase the opportunity to participate in and experience the mecca of technological innovation and discovery.
According to Richie Bernardo’s (2015) article, “2015’s Best and Worst Metro Areas for STEM Professionals” at, in Texas, the Houston metropolitan area and surrounding cities are in the forefront of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers; the Austin-Round Rock area is ranked second. This is exciting news for Texas, especially Houston, but we must be able to produce qualified individuals to fill the demand, and we do that by encouraging young girls’ participation with hands-on learning opportunities through education at the primary, secondary, and
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