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In American history women were not given as many rights as men were. They were treated unfairly because of their gender. Throughout American history there were American women who took a stand and fought for women’s rights. Who were some American women right’s activists in American History that stood up for themselves and other women in throughout America? One women activist was Susan Brownell Anthony who was born February 15, 1820 in South Adams, Massachusetts (“Susan B. Anthony”). Susan B. Anthony was a great woman who was determined to change women’s rights. For example, there is a quote that states, “Susan B. Anthony dedicated her life to the cause, the woman Suffrage Movement” (qtd. in “Susan Brownell Anthony”). Through Susan’s life…show more content…
Susan was part of finding the Nation American Woman’s Suffrage Association in 1890 that had focused on a nation amendment that would secure women the vote (“Susan Brownell Anthony”). She was president until 1900 (“Susan Brownell Anthony”). She also wrote and published a book. “The History of Woman Suffrage” was complied and published by Susan B. Anthony, along with Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Matilda Joslyn Gage which consisted of four volumes (Susan Brownell Anthony). The last major thing Susan B. Anthony did was she founded the International Woman Suffrage Council in 1904 and the International Council of Women in 1888 which brought international attention to suffrage (“Susan Brownell Anthony”). Susan B. Anthony was an accomplishing woman who “Led the only non-violent revolution in out country’s history—the 72 year struggle to win women the right to vote” (qtd. in “Susan Brownell Anthony”). Another women’s rights activist would be Elizabeth Cady Stanton. A quote about what Elizabeth did as a women’s rights activist would be “While Elizabeth Cady Stanton is best known for her long contribution to the woman suffrage struggle, she was also active and effective in winning property rights for married women, equal guardianship of children, and liberalized divorce laws” (qtd. in Elizabeth Cady Stanton”). Elizabeth was born November 12, 1815 in Jamestown, New York (“Elizabeth Cady Stanton Biography”). Many women rights activists are
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