Women And Gender Equality

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For many years now, the question of gender equality has been one of the most controversial issues in several societies. Different regions have put the effort in ensuring women get as equal chances as their counterpart gender, whereas some of the areas in the world have completely shunned the issue. Back then, women were considered property and were not allowed equal rights as men especially when it comes to education, job opportunities among several other issues. The United States has put in place various policies that enable females to have equal opportunities as men. The country has tried to make an effort to ensure equality of resources and opportunities regardless of one’s gender. Nonetheless, most areas have not fully embraced the fact that men and women are equal. In fact, some bosses disqualify applicants of jobs on the basis of gender. To date, women are still discriminated against on several issues. This discussion entails a few examples of discrimination against women. With each problem, it shall attempt to provide a solution to each problem.
The greatest discrimination women face that of leadership. Most people are confined to the notion that men are better leaders and decision makers in comparison to women. Society has made us believe that only men can make great leaders. On the contrary, some men have no leadership skills. A good example is George Bush, the 43rd president of the United States. American citizens agree unanimously that Bush’s rule was the worst in
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