Women And Male Authority Figures

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In the fourteenth century, women were merely seen as subject to male authority figures. A wife was not seen as a competent adult because they were seen as so dependent on their husband (Bennett 104-105). After a marriage anything she owned became possessed by her husband (Bennett 104-105). Women who manipulated their husband and gained control of his assets defied the norm of women’s position in the fourteenth century. The church was a major part of Medieval England and controlled many peoples lives. The church and aristocracy was controlled by men. The origins of inferiority between men and women come back to the first book of the bible Genesis where it states, “your desire will be for your husband… and he will rule over you,” because the church had such a large influence, the Bible was law. A women was also considered inferior because God created men before women. Women were in every way seen as individuals crested to obey and give pleasure to the male species. This role of submissive was very hard for women to accept. Women were defined by their husbands’ social status, land ownership, and wealth. Marriage was not in a women’s control either. The families decided on the husband and if they were of poor social status the woman would fall under that as well. The only other option for women was to become a nun. Women and men tended to have juxtaposed views on how each other was treated. Many women followed this way of life but others had conflicting views on where the
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