Women And Male Co Workers

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Imagine yourself, a female, working at Microsoft with many male co-workers. You are a vice president along with your co-partner, who is a male. When paychecks are issued you realize that he is getting paid 75% more than you, but both of you work at the same place with the same position and doing the same work. Do you think this is fair? In 1964, women normally were paid 59% of what men were paid (Ford). The disparity between the pay was based solely on gender and it is an unfair practice. Now, women are generally paid 79% of what men are being paid (Ford). There have been many conversations considering women not being paid equally as men, and there is a gender wage gap. If women are doing the same job as men, then women should receive the same pay as their male counterparts for equal work. We cannot discuss pay equity unless we take a brief look at the history of women and their roles in society from the beginning of this country up through today. The roles and responsibilities of women have changed since this country was established. When our country was established, women’s jobs were in the homes doing housekeeping, bearing, and rearing children. They had no political voice nor power. There were some women, such as Abigail Adams and Judith Sargent Murray who began to voice their concerns and beliefs about female subjugation (“NWHM Exhibit”). Slowly, men began to consider that women had a right to some form of education, but still believed that men were the public figure
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