Women And Politics In Canada

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will have a positive impact on women in society as a whole. There will be an increase in policies that sought to serve women and their problems, and women will feel more represented as they will have representatives that understand and relate to the problems women face in society. It is evident due to the current political culture women tend to feel disengaged in politics, elections and debates in regards to the policy making process in Canada since they do not relate to the problems or the ideas that are being discussed by the leading politicians. In order to have a more democratic representation in the government it is imperative that we take steps to include all groups of individuals to make our government representative of the people, and…show more content…
Women politicians will be a role model to many females in society, encouraging them to believe in themselves, and defy stereotypes that suggest that women do not possess the same skills as men to be a federal government candidate. Furthermore, if there are more women in positions of power in the government they can introduce programs training programs, quotas, affirmative action measures, and special financial support for female candidates (Trembley, Pelletier,2001) This quote suggests that these programs that will introduced for women have alleviate women from their current situations in terms of education, employment and opportunity. These programs can raise awareness amongst women, provide them with the education they require in order to represent their cultural groups or issues in the government. Furthermore, it has also been revealed that women have less financial support in comparison to men for their campaigns (Trembley, Pelletier,2001). In order to eradicate this disparity between the funding between men and women, these programs that provide them financial support that will empower women, and provide them with equal tools in to win roles of leadership, and eventually win the election. Furthermore, young women will be given additional education on how they can enter the political sphere and overcome the barrier that pose as a challenge to their ambitions. Therefore, there will be an increase in the number of women seeking candidacy in federal politics, and an increase in female representation in the government. This is the shift that we aim to see in the future, allowing the government to serve the needs of the
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