Women And Queen Guenevere And The Wife Of Bath's Tale

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Throughout history, women have drastically changed ever since the Middle Ages to present-day. Women from the medieval times weren’t able to do what men are doing now: work because there are some women that look up to a man’s lifestyle. Before the time of having their own rights, they were often expected to do ‘womanly’ duties: clean, cook, pleasure their husband, etc. However, in the case of Queen Guenevere and ‘The Wife’, the two ladies were very loving and independent during their time. A women from the medieval times, who is known as ‘The Wife’ from a poem called The Wife of Bath’s Tale is married to five men at the age of twelve-years-old: three young, and two were old. During those times, it was frowned upon due to the strong beliefs …show more content…

Queen not knowing that Sir Lancelot was fooling around with other ladies was to save himself from being caught by the King. Little did she know that Lancelot was doing this to divert attention from their affair. This describes Queen Guenevere as an adultery, but was still royal to Sir Lancelot. So much of her petty and jealously grew since then. Both women were very vulnerable to men but still remained loyal to them even though their needs weren’t meant to be, and also, by having different viewpoints on being a good spouse. For Queen Guenevere, she was faithful, rich and, a jealous person that truly loved the man of her life, Sir Lancelot. “Then, as the book saith, Sir Lancelot began to resort unto Queen Guenevere again, and forgat the promise and the perfection that he made in the quest. For, as the book saith, had not Sir Lancelot been in his privy thoughts and in his mind so set inwardly to the queen as he was in seeming outward to God, there had no knight passed him in the quest of the Sangreal; but ever his thoughts were privily on the queen, and so they loved together more hotter than they did to-forehand, and had such privy thoughts together...” (Bk.18, C.1, l.6-11). Although, with his flirtation with many women, he was trying to avoid drama with the King; still ended up fighting each other for the Queen. As for ‘The Wife’, she married her five husbands to be happy. “If not, a lesson we will have to teach, How fair

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