Women And Representations Of Women

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The lives and representations of women in the Florentine Renaissance In Biblical imaginary, the image of woman often originated from the image of Eve. Eve was allured by the devil and impelled Adam to disobey God and eat the forbidden fruit, resulting in their exclusion from the paradise, mortality and hardship in their lives living on Earth. Since then, the female descendants of Eve were held responsible for this loss of paradise. During the Renaissance era, women were oppressed by men because of the fault of Eve, and that they have to be punished for that. This repression was mostly caused by religion, which imposed conditions that were almost impossible to fulfil for both men and women. This essay focuses on different representations of women through different artistic genres, comparing the women visually represented with the women who actually lived at that time. Before going into examination of representations, it is indispensable to discuss how gender roles were constructed in Italy during the Renaissance period. The fulfilment of a woman’s role was, on the most basic level, marriage. Girls after sexual maturity, between the ages of fifteen and eighteen, were in fact either rushed into marriage or, if considered ‘unmarriageable’ – which means that her family could not find an advantageous spouse - they were made nuns and secluded within a convent, in order to avoid scandals and to protect the family’s reputation. Not just before but also after marriage, women of

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