Women And Society : Women 's Rights

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Women and Society It is an indisputable fact that females have experienced all types of suppressions and oppressions and have been viewed as inferior to man by every society around the globe since the dawn of mankind. It is not brain surgery that nearly every culture globally tends to be dominated by the male gender. All nations have declared their support to gender mainstreaming yet on a daily basis countless forms of gender-based violence against women take place across the world. The discriminatory practices and norms giving inclination to the male gender in diverse occupations, women earning less than males and some inhuman practices like rape and sexual pressure is a clear indication that despite the advancements that have been made in proclaiming women 's rights, women are still treated as second class citizens. This essay explores how and why women are considered like second-class citizens throughout their lives. By following through a girl’s life from the moment she is created, this paper attempts to identify and discuss the trend of male dominance observed in every part of the a female life, both socially and professionally. Her parents dress her in pink and teach her to play with kitchen sets and take care of baby dolls, then as the girl reaches puberty and high school, she is taught to feel incomplete without attention from her male peers, before the girl goes to college, awful traditional practices have encouraged early pregnancies and marriages. If the girl
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