Women And The Construction Industry

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With the construction industry projected to grow over the next several years and project management positions in high demand, the makeup of the construction industry is often overlooked. When one looks at a jobsite, or even thinks of the construction industry, the most common image that comes to mind is men working away in hardhats and neon vests, with women completely irrelevant to this picture. Women are the largest untapped resource of the construction industry, as it is believed that men makeup around 99% of the industry (Williams, 2015). For women entering into the world of construction, it is hard to penetrate the male stigma that clouds this field, which is why many women often do not pursue careers in construction. The stereotype of male construction workers must be challenged in order to help women thrive in construction industry. Women are underrepresented in the construction industry due to a number of reasons such as, sexism, harassment, intimidation, and a downfall of opportunities.
Patricia Valeroy, a young college student at Columbia University, began her first summer internship at large construction company. Although studying civil engineering, her internship was a construction management position on a luxury high rise in New York. Eager to get started at what she thought would be the most ideal internship, her hopes were quickly crestfallen, as the senior construction manager told her he was unwilling to work with women. As she was sent to do other tasks,
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