Women And The Criminal Justice System

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Women and Men in the Criminal Justice System Throughout history, the criminal justice system has mainly focused on men entering the criminal justice system rather than women. This is not portrayed largely by the media and society because it is not truly considered a highlight topic. Men and women face incarceration on a daily basis, causing them both to have different experiences based on their gender. The crimes and punishment faced by each gender is different and can affect the way society views the person as an individual and/or as a group. The nature and role in society can be a factor of the incarceration and the experience they may face while in the criminal justice system. Although the depiction of men entering the criminal justice system is portrayed regularly, the rate of women entering the criminal justice system has faced a higher increase than men entering the system. Types of Crimes Committed: Men vs. Women Men who enter the criminal justice system are depicted by society as violent individuals rather than women who are often depicted as accomplices who are often times unaware of things happening around them. In a study conducted, it was found that “almost 13 percent of men were jailed on murder charges and 13 percent for rape or sexual assault, while 11 percent of female inmates were there on murder charges and 2 percent for rape or sexual assault.” This in many cases is tested to be true since men are more violent than men in nature and due to the fact that
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