Women And The Hip Hop Industry Essay

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Men and women play a significant role in the production of lyricism and visual content in the vibrant and vocal genre that is Hip Hop. Due to this, sexuality plays a major part in creating the role of men and women within the hip hop industry. Sexuality has become a focal point for many male artist that use the image of women and their bodies, through lyricism and music videos. Men in the commercial hip hop industry have yet to stop this social issue, fame and wealth has been produced from the exploiting image of women since the early years of hip hop.
The content examined in this paper will be the lyricism and music videos involving women, and how it relates to the differences in the portrayal between men and women in Hip hop. Several male artist will be used to analyze how the genders of men and women are portrayed in the hip hop music industry.
This topic is presents two main reasons why it is critically important to sociology. First, sexuality refers to a persons capacity of sexual feelings (Little, 2013).

Selection and Justification of Content

For this paper I decided to analyze the content of lyrics and music videos by hip hop artists. The reason why I decided to use these media outlets is because they contain the powerful images and words preformed in music videos and songs. Music videos help create the visual portrayal of hip hop artist that is used to promote the songs they release. Lyrics within songs are ways artists communicate, for example,
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