Women And The Working Woman

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When females went to college, recommenced courses included interior decoration and family finance. Many women applied for jobs, and did not care what society thought. Society had strong thoughts to share though, and working women received plenty of criticism. They were putting time into their work and spending less time at home. Many critics said this wrecked the relationship between a parent and her child. Over all, the working woman faced many difficulties in the 1950s. Today, life is different, yet it is easy to see that some values we share today are still in place from the 1950s. Starting all they way from childhood, the person who does most of the housework leads into modern day. As a child, girls do more housework than boys. Males also get more money, as 66% of boys get allowances, while only 59% of girls get their allowance. Boys who have with sisters are 13.5% more likely to believe in traditional female roles. When grown up, we can see the effects of this. Women spend 3 hours more cleaning a week, and we can see this in the fact that 50% of women come home and do housework. Only 20% of men do the same. Although it might be insignificant, we can see the skewed standards. These standards have not yet changed since the fifties. The idea of housework seems minuscule, compared to a real job. A career seems better, considering that science has proven that females are smarter. Girls have higher IQs, and at age 7, girls have an average IQ of 101. This has a lead on boys
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