Women And Women Anti Suffragists

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There were men and women anti-suffragists who opposed female enfranchisement to actually preserve the norms of American femininity. It is essential to note that individuals who held this anti-suffrage position were neither members of the aristocrat-class nor were they economically unfortunate. They were ordinary men and women who believed that traditional beliefs and values regarding female was at risk because of the suffrage movement. During this particular time period, woman were involved in affairs outside of their homes as laborers or even as members of clubs. However, their main priority was to serve their family as a daughter, a wife, or a mother. These anti-suffragists also argued that it was necessary for an American woman to live in a "private and intimate" world while her male peers conquer the "public and grandiose" fraction of it. This signifies that there are two gender specific spheres which are structured to balance one another. According to the anti-suffragists, a woman had status, education, and even influence within her own sphere. Thus, there was absolutely no reason for a lady to seek a place within the male sphere─ which would cause the society to become unstable. Women who held this anti-suffragist position, recruited other traditional supporters by publishing literal rhetoric 's to counter their suffragist opponents. These women organized into groups that that would either write for local newspapers or books with a collection of essays.
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