Women And Women Are No Longer Being Submissive And Passive About Things That Men

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Shonterra Readus Doctor Hawkley History 103-06 5 November 2015 Today, Muslim women are no longer being submissive and passive about things that men, especially their husbands, could care less about. These women are starting to gain more rights and are actively showing their newfound independence. They are participating in politics, pursuing careers, and are no longer confining to the stereotypical female role of homemaking and men are starting to see that. Even though women are finding their voice in hopes for equality, they are still being overshadowed by the rules of a patriarchal society. Undoubtedly, most people consider the Quran to be the basis of life for men and women. Then there are others who favor the Sharia, the Hadith, or the Sunnah. Either way it goes, they all state the same things, men are superior because woman is made from the rib of a man. However, they do all have a different degree of meaning. For example, although, The Quran states that men and women are equal because both Adam and Eve gave into temptation, the Hadith, in contrast, places the blame solely on women. The Sharia, like the Quran, does not place blame but rather set a foundation of laws and rights to help guide followers through everyday life. All in all, everyone is Islamic faith differ in opinion as to which holy text actually shapes the culture today, but that does not negate the fact that no matter whichever text shapes the Islamic culture, men and women are not equal.
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